Most of our training is on the T-Drive, which includes videos and documents on NextGen, computer tips (faxing, scanning, etc.), and workflows for infusion, billing, and research.

New Cisco Phone: PDF Guide and Video Guide
Old Cisco Phone: PDF Guide and Old Quick Reference
Microsoft Office
AllScripts Training Videos
Evaluating Your Investments: Tips on how to manage your retirement assets (i.e. 401k)

How to force NextGen to close if it freezes or if it doesn't come up when you log in:
      - Click on NextGen or the Remote Desktop window to make sure it has the focus
      - Press Ctrl-Alt-End on your keyboard (a blue screen should appear)
              (Some Fujitzu laptops require you to press Ctrl-Alt-FN-End)
      - Click “Sign Out”

To change your windows password:
      - Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete on your keyboard (a blue screen should appear)
      - Click "Change a Password"
      - It will ask you to enter your old and new passwords

If your password has expired then you can do two things, both of which will ask you to change your password: Log into a computer at the office or log into Remote Gateway

Add your Email to your phone or to Outlook
      - Android
      - iPad or iPhone
      - Microsoft Outlook

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